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3D geometric kirigami (3 templates)

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The most important thing is to use for cutting the paper of density not less than 200 g

It’s a very easy for performance figure. Cut everything necessary, fold a paper in half (all printed lines will be hidden behind) and in this position start to fold the other lines. Please note that the figure is divided into large parts, within which the middle ones are and then the small ones. Fold the large parts at first, then the middle ones and finally the small ones. The whole figure is very easy to fold in half if it is assembled the right way.

Everything is absolutely simple here. Mark and cut everything, then bend the paper in half and turn the wrong side facing you. In this position bend all marked lines the "accordion" way.

The figure is not very easy to assemble. Everything is simple at first look, but I stumbled at some point. I’m giving an incomplete picture of the figure that I got out of an A4 paper, with no final cutting and gluing. I think it’ll be easier for you to understand.

Three templates for cutting these figures are in the zip file.